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When has a person, an event or a special service inspired you? You surely remember. Maybe you also told other people about it. Inspiration is contagious, after all.


Customer Delight is the result of cordiality, understanding, benevolence and the work of a highly motivated, efficient team. I support companies in the hotel industry and other service-orientated sectors with my hospitality and leadership experience and as a systemic coach, so that Customer Delight succeeds both in front of and behind the scenes. So that guests and customers are surprised by and enthusiastic about excellent service, time and time again. So that they are keen to come back and make recommendations.


What challenges are you facing? Let’s talk about your concerns, which I’ll gladly take as my tasks. I’m looking forward to it.

“Working with Brita Stiegler is a great and valuable asset to us. Her open and ever-respectful conduct convinced us within moments and has been a steady source of inspiration since. With her creative ideas we have been consistently furthering Service Excellence in our establishments. This way, we can fulfil the centuries-old Sacher promise of maximum quality anew each time, today and in the future, and exceed our modern guests’ high expectations time and again in terms of realisation and experience.”


Matthias Winkler, CEO Sacher Hotels Vienna and Salzburg (Photo ©Jakob Gsoellpointner)

My Misson

In an age where almost every product and every service are a mere click away, mindfulness and appreciation become all the more important. Guests would like to feel noticed, understood and well taken care of.






I have combined over 25 years of customer service, business development and marketing experience working with leading international companies with my passion for the hotel industry.

The result is my consultancy for
Customer Delight &Brita Stiegler.




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