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& service gains a new quality.

Most guests you will meet where you exceed their expectations. The aim of my work is to ensure that cordial, consistent and repeatedly surprising services make your guests experience a multitude of positive moments, puts them at ease and delights them. This generates loyalty, turns guests into ambassadors and converts Customer Delight into a decisive competitive advantage for your business.


It might be a pending hotel opening, new market challenges, changed customer needs, auditing your own service quality or simply the desire of becoming even better. Each concern is different, each task requires individual consulting.


My portfolio includes all relevant services – from analysis to comprehensive service design. Our cooperation usually starts with a personal conversation about your business and your needs. After that, we will move ahead together with well-founded evaluation and strategy to create custom-tailored service offers which will delight your guests.

“If your guest is thinking ‘nowhere better than now’, we have done a great job.”


Brita Stiegler


Service is my attitude. I will fully dedicate myself to your concerns and immerse myself in your business. Trust, discretion, appreciation, professionalism, and a healthy degree of pragmatism are the pillars of our temporary partnership.


To understand your behind-the-scenes structures and processes and to unveil your problems, it is vital to get to know and experience you and your team up close and personal. I will become part of your team, put myself into the shoes of your guests and employees as your sparring partner, reflect my impressions and provide new thinking approaches and perspectives based on my experience. Together we will realise what is necessary and feasible. Together we will paint the picture of a flourishing future and prepare the ground for sustainable growth.

Evaluation Brita Stiegler
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Before you start moving, you have to know where you stand. This is why the first step is to determine your company’s status quo. From a guest’s perspective, with regard to profitability. There are various methods to achieve a clear picture that reveals strengths, weaknesses, and unutilised potential. In conversation we will discuss which path matches your business.


Mystery Guesting

Service takes place in each moment of encounter with your brand/your company. In the context of mystery guesting, I will sample your product and your service experience from a guest’s point of view. This method contemplates the product itself in combination with personal interaction and service quality as well as ambiance and atmosphere.


Guest analysis

During the guest analysis, you become familiar with your target audience as a character. This involves personal circumstances, needs, expectations and desires – in other words a focus on individuality far from the simplified target group approach.


Offer analysis

Offer analysis means checking your services for customer orientation. Guests’ desires, needs and expectations, i.e. individual benefit during various service moments, are balanced with your entrepreneurial capacities, processes, and targets.


Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis starts by capturing your communication as well as your messages, digital as well as analogue. It demonstrates how, where and when certain messages are communicated and your offer information is leveraged.

Service-Design Brita Stiegler
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Companies and products are becoming increasingly similar. Your guest is faced with a multitude of options. It is important to detect why guests should opt precisely for your offer and what the concrete benefit is for them.


Customer Delight is projectable. A successful service concept identifies all operative steps of a unique and unforgettable service experience. In the context of my service design consulting, I will map out all points of contact with your guest across divisions in addition to the necessary internal processes along the customer journey in cooperation with your team.


The result of this process consists of your personal Customer Delight plan which combines your staff’s service performance, individual offers, harmonious atmosphere and convincing communication with your guest’s personal demands and the requirements of your business.


Sustainably successful Customer Delight is based on a well-founded service strategy as a core element of your business strategy. Your service strategy enables you to plan service excellence and Customer Delight long-term and contributes to a targeted implementation of measures and an efficient utilisation of resources.


Together we will conceive a customised service strategy which matches your company culture and factors in your economic targets. Being sophisticated as well as flexible, it will provide you with the opportunity to react to changed customer needs and technological possibilities and to redefine service quality at every turn.

Realisation Brita Stiegler
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Any plan is only as good as its realisation. I support you in implementing reasonable measures. We will consider every moment of the customer journey, meaning each point of contact between your guest and your business and your brand, in the digital space as well as in real life. From initial contact to impression in hindsight, there are many opportunities for positive experiences which are waiting to be utilised. Together we will design the customer journey to be your Customer Delight journey.


Offer creation

Inviting, varied offers generate lasting moments of pleasure about which your guests will love to sing their praises. From personal guidance in the spa after a long journey and extra-large workstations for business travellers all the way to a healthy breakfast to go early in the morning for those on their way to catch a flight – service excellence in offer creation means facilitating the seemingly impossible.


Together we will evaluate if and where just a little more is possible to anticipate your guests’ personal needs and to incorporate them into your portfolio of “delightful moments”.


In cooperation we will develop an irresistible offer that delights your guests and makes efficient use of your entrepreneurial capacities.


Service performance

Your staff is the face of your company. Each cordial, authentic moment of contact with a guest is an opportunity for building a personal relationship and demonstrating the distinct hospitality of your team.


Standardising and communicating how excellent service at your company is realised is vital for ensuring consistent service performance. Documented standard operating procedures will provide your employees with the confidence of doing what’s important.


Inspiring service is a combination of art, artisanry and attitude. Excellent hospitality which enables tangibly appreciative service moments can be learned. Targeted training trains the eye, increases the quality level of encounters and generates more employee satisfaction: ideal requirements for doing one’s best and delighting others.



Communication is the key to informing (prospective) guests about your offer and inspiring them with it. From your booking confirmation to your welcoming greeting in the room to your newsletter, there are countless opportunities to transport your messages during various moments of contact. It is vital in terms of effectiveness for your nuanced communication to contribute to a harmonious brand image and to consider your guests’ varying degrees of susceptibility for certain messages in different situations.


Together we will clarify what defines your business/your brand at its core and develop a package of measures which will reach, convince and inspire your guests.



Your guests want their stay to be at least as pleasant as they have it at home, if not even more pleasant. An inspiring atmosphere enables people to experience your brand on site. From table decorations, flowers, room settings, fragrances in the lobby or furniture arrangements – refreshing your ambiance will make your establishment shine and make your guests beam.


Digitalisation and being online non-stop have continuously been changing expectations of excellent service. However, people and their needs remain at the centre. Those who remain in touch with the times and act with foresight have the advantage.


Consistent training and continuous further education are essential for innovative service impulses. “Inspiration is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”: freely adapting Seneca, I provide seminars and motivational speeches on relevant topics surrounding service excellence, service performance and service experience. From service design, guest interaction or simple offer optimisation – training offers are tailored exactly to your personal requirements and will support you in achieving your goals.