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& service gains a new quality.

A hit with guests will land when expectations are exceeded. The aim of my work is to ensure that cordial, consistent and repeatedly surprising service makes your guests experience a multitude of positive moments, puts them at ease and inspires them. This generates loyalty, turns guests into ambassadors and converts Customer Delight into a decisive competitive advantage for your business.


Good service needs a strong team. In training sessions I support employees to improve professionally, grow personally and be enthusiastic when working. Leadership coaching that focuses on self-leadership and resilience promotes passion and the ability to perform.


My portfolio includes all relevant services to strengthen Customer Delight – in front of and behind the scenes. Our cooperation usually starts with a personal conversation about your business and your needs. After that, we will move ahead together with a well-founded evaluation and strategy to create custom-tailored service offers which will inspire your guests.

“If your guest is thinking ‘nowhere better than now’, we have done a great job.”

Brita Stiegler


Service is my attitude. I will dedicate myself fully to your concerns and immerse myself in your enterprise. Trust, discretion, appreciation, professionalism, and a healthy degree of pragmatism are the pillars of our temporary partnership, in consulting as well as coaching and training.


To see the structures and processes behind your scenes and to unveil your problems, it is vital to get to know you and your team up close and personally. I will become part of your team, put myself into the shoes of your guests and employees as your sparring partner, reflect my impressions and provide new thinking approaches and perspectives based on my experience. Together we will realise what is necessary and feasible. Together we will prepare the ground for sustainable growth.

Service-Design Brita Stiegler
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Evaluation & mystery guesting

Before you start moving, you have to know where you stand. This is why the first step is to determine your company’s status quo. From a guest’s perspective, with regard to profitability. There are various methods to achieve a clear picture that reveals strengths, weaknesses, and unutilised potential.

> Mystery guesting

Service takes place in each moment of encounter with your company. In the context of mystery guesting, you will experience your product and your service experience from a guest’s point of view. As well as the product itself, the quality of personal encounters and service as well as the ambience and atmosphere are considered. Special attention is paid to emotions experienced at each point of contact along the customer journey. Does the experience bring a smile or light up the eyes, or does it tend to disappoint? This is how we determine strengths and weaknesses.

> Guest analysis

In guest analysis, you become familiar with your target audience as a character. This involves personal circumstances, needs, expectations and desires – meaning individuality removed from any blanket target group approach.

> Offer analysis

Offer analysis means checking your services for customer orientation. Guests’ desires, needs and expectations, i.e. individual benefit during various service moments, are balanced with your entrepreneurial capacities, processes, and targets.

> Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis starts by capturing your communication as well as your messages, digital as well as analogue. It demonstrates how, where and when certain messages are communicated and your offer information is leveraged.

Service strategy

Sustainably successful Customer Delight is based on a well-founded service strategy as a core element of your business strategy. Your service strategy enables you to plan Service Excellence and Customer Delight long-term and contributes to a targeted implementation of measures and an efficient utilisation of resources.


Together we will conceive a customised service strategy which matches your company culture and factors in your economic targets. Being sophisticated as well as flexible, it will provide you with the opportunity to react to changed customer needs and technological possibilities and to redefine service quality at every turn.


Service design & touchpoint optimisation

Companies and products are becoming increasingly similar. Your guest is faced with a multitude of options. It is important to detect why guests should opt precisely for your offer and what the concrete benefit is for them.


Customer Delight is projectable – from first contact to lasting impression.
A successful service concept identifies all operative steps of a unique, hospitable and unforgettable service experience. In the context of my service design consulting, I will map out all points of contact with your guest across divisions along with the necessary internal processes along the customer journey in cooperation with your team. Together we check where just a little more can be done to include the individual needs of your guests in your portfolio of “Delightful Moments”.


The result of this process consists of your personal Customer Delight Journey which combines your staff’s service performance, individual offers and harmonious atmosphere with your guest’s personal demands and the requirements of your business.

“Hospitality is a team sport.”

Danny Meyer
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Digitalisation, an increased use of the latest technologies and online presence are constantly changing the expectations of excellent service and therefore also of employees. To be certain that people and their needs continue to be focused on, ongoing training and further education are indispensable for innovative service impulses.

The principle of Positive Hospitality:

Customer Delight is created through many wonderful and inspiring service experiences. Positive Hospitality, meaning the interplay between hospitality, a positive attitude and genuine cooperation between all involved, is an essential precondition for the success of Customer Delight. The key for this: experienced leaders who strengthen their teams and resilient employees who love and live service.

As a certified advisor and systemic coach, I offer seminars on various topics:


Employee Delight seminars for all employees

Your employees are the face of your company. Each warm, authentic contact with the guest is an opportunity to establish a personal relationship and show your team’s unmistakable host qualities. My training courses on positive self-leadership enable employees to shine from within (even in stressful situations) and give their best to guests.

Possible topics:


  • Positive self-leadership: strengthening well-being every day.
  • Resilience: keeping a positive attitude and defying stress.
  • Service attitude as the key to success: creating moments of happiness inside and out, inspiring motivation.

I am also happy to support your entire team over a longer time period to sustainably support resilience, mental strength and motivation in the long term.


Leadership Delight seminars for leaders

Leaders have a vital influence on the mood and attitude of the team. Benevolent, rousing leadership is the prerequisite for outstanding service. In my seminars I communicate expertise about positive leadership to leaders, and give them the tools they need to empower employees so that these can realise their full potential. The positive leadership experience motivates, ensures greater commitment to the guest and, ultimately, more success.

Possible topics:


  • Strength-focussed leadership: strengthening strengths – managing weaknesses – developing potential.
  • Leading with purpose, appreciation and mindfulness: giving purpose, building trust, deepening relationships.
  • Deep Dive Positive Leadership: sustainably strengthening motivation, engagement and performance.

Customer Delight seminars for selected teams

Inspiring service is a combination of art, attitude and craftsmanship. People can learn to be hospitable. Specific training increases the awareness for this, improves the quality of encounters and creates greater employee satisfaction: the best preconditions for giving your best and creating enthusiasm.

Possible topics:


  • Positive guest relations: shaping relationships with quiet and loud WOW moments.
  • Communication and empathy: everything, really everything communicates.
  • From guest to ambassador: passionate for customer delight, igniting loyalty.


Many people think that success leads to happiness. In fact it’s the other way round. If we feel good and are active with joy paired with positive energy, that is the best prerequisite for success. Emotions are contagious – whether positive or negative ones. A leader’s lack of dynamism or dissatisfaction is noticed by guests and customers as much as inner strength and a sense of purpose. Sustainable leadership success is based on the ability to have (self-)leadership tools at hand, even in complex and challenging situations, in order to remain emotionally stable and act based on a fundamentally positive attitude.


Based on my experience of more than 20 years in leadership positions and as a systemic coach, I support leaders in developing their self-leadership skills and resilience and in realising their own potential.


Successful coaching eliminates mental blocks, establishes clarity and opens up new opportunities for action. Utilising scientific findings and tools from Positive Psychology, I pursue an approach of strength- and growth-orientated positive coaching. Each coaching process is unique and tailored to the individual needs of the coachee. Relevant topics can be: change, purpose, stress, mindfulness, resource management, clarity or simply personal well-being. In my client-centred work, I often use scientifically based positive diagnostics tools to identify personal tendencies and create a common basis. My style is moulded by optimism and lightness. That helps – in difficult situations as well. Together we look at existing strengths that are waiting to be aroused. Because: every coachee already carries the solution within themselves as a resource. My task is to realise this potential.

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In my work I combine my passion for the hotel industry and hospitality with the findings of Positive Psychology. I am happy to support your conference, leadership event or other activity with a presentation specifically designed to the requirements of your company and team. This provides you with positive impulses for the development of your company.


The customer journey as a path to happiness

Happiness is multi-facetted. Many opportunities are available along the customer journey to increase the happiness of your guests and customers. In my presentation I introduce points of contact and possibilities of igniting more well-being: all those small adjustments that contribute to making a stay unforgettable. Happiness creates a win-win situation for all people involved. The positive emotions of the recipient also increase the well-being of the giver and, ultimately, turnover as well.


Superpower ‘Hospitality’

The concept of hospitality has its origins in Greek culture. Derived from the words philos (friend) and xenos (stranger), philoxenia means the love of strangers. Hospitality is a valuable asset in many cultures and a must-have in service-orientated industries. In my presentation you find out whether and how hospitality can be learnt, about its impacts, and how it can be specifically used in a corporate context. So that you gain valuable fundamental knowledge to help you make a conscious decision in favour of a hospitality mindset within your company.


10 reasons for more optimism

Optimism is the positive expectation of the future. This is an attitude, a strength, and anything but naive. In my presentation I discuss the benefits of starting the day in a more optimistic and positive way, and why more positive emotions lead to greater happiness, better relationships and ultimately more success. Let yourself be infected. Because employees with a positive mood are more attentive and committed, and also make your guests and customers radiate with joy.


Happiness as a business model – radiate from within and shine on the outside

What is happiness? How can subjective well-being – which is the scientific definition of happiness – be cultivated in a corporate context and in dealings with guests and customers? And why do positive emotions lead to a more fulfilling life, improved health and greater success? My presentation shows you a wealth of possibilities for incorporating the factor of happiness within your company. Scientifically sound, orientated to practice and immediately usable.

„Great service cannot exist without great leadership.“

Simon Sinek