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regular training & a passion for service excellence.

Service excellence and Customer Delight are not rigid concepts – quite the opposite. Expectations as to what makes service inspiring are being redefined all the time. Guests’ desires as well as the competitive environment are ever-changing. A service which might spark delight today can easily turn in to a matter of course that goes unnoticed by tomorrow.


Inspiring service today and tomorrow requires consistent training. Be it about generating new expertise, delving into certain topics or anticipating changes – successful training sessions are targeted and tailored to needs. They motivate people to strike out on new paths.


As a certified advisor and systemic coach, I offer seminars, coaching and motivational talks on various topics. I apply the principle of Positive Hospitality. Positive Hospitality, meaning the interplay between hospitality, a positive attitude and genuine cooperation between all involved, is an essential precondition for the success of Customer Delight. The key for this is experienced leaders who strengthen their teams and resilient employees who love and live service.


In coaching, I use my experience of more than 20 years in leadership positions and as a systemic coach to support leaders in developing their self-leadership skills and resilience and in realising their own potential. Successful coaching eliminates blockages, establishes clarity and opens up new opportunities for action. Utilising scientific findings and tools from Positive Psychology, I pursue an approach of strength- and growth-orientated positive coaching.


I am also happy to support your conference, leadership event or other activity with a presentation specifically designed to the requirements of your company and team. This provides you with positive impulses for the development of your company.

The essentials in short:


  • clearly structured, varied seminars which inspire and motivate;
  • based on the principle of Positive Hospitality;
  • current content, communicated in a practice-oriented and engaging fashion;
  • customised, tailored and involving the perspective of added value for your business, your staff and your guests;
  • one-day seminars or half-day mini workshops for staff or management in upscale hotel operations or customer-oriented expert departments in companies of all industries;
  • coaching utilising scientific findings and tools from Positive Psychology;
  • motivational talks specifically designed to the requirements of your company and team.


The results:


  • quick implementation;
  • sustainable customer inspiration;
  • improved staff motivation and satisfaction;
  • eliminating blockages, clarity and opening up new opportunities for action;
  • positive impulses for the development of your company.