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regular training & a passion for service excellence.

Service excellence and Customer Delight are not rigid concepts – quite the opposite. Expectations as to what makes service inspiring are being redefined all the time. Guests’ desires as well as the competitive environment are ever-changing. A service which might spark delight today can easily turn in to a matter of course that goes unnoticed by tomorrow.


Inspiring service today and tomorrow requires consistent training. Be it about generating new expertise, delving into certain topics or anticipating changes – successful training sessions are targeted and tailored to needs. They motivate people to strike out on new paths.


Besides knowledge transfer, interaction among participants, testing learned knowledge, self-reflection and joy in learning are at the centre.

The essentials in short:


  • clearly structured, varied seminars which inspire and motivate;
  • current content, communicated in a practice-oriented and engaging fashion;
  • customised, tailored and involving the perspective of added value for your business, your staff and your guests;
  • one-day seminars or half-day mini workshops for staff or management in upscale hotel operations or customer-oriented expert departments in companies of all industries.


The results:


  • quick implementation
  • sustainable customer inspiration
  • improved staff motivation and satisfaction