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mystery guesting & enlightening analysis.

Success with Customer Delight hinges on many factors: equipment and ambiance in the facilities, interaction with guests, service and a personal touch. Your guests want to feel at home.


Mystery guesting means – I put myself into the situation of a guest and undergo your service experience, letting the “hotel stay” product take effect. This illuminates objective services and the emotion behind the encounter alike. Through this quality audit, not only do strengths and weaknesses of an operation become apparent – it mainly serves as the basis for further strategic and operational decisions.


In the course of a mystery guesting stay, the entire customer journey is traced with all its contact points from booking to stay to returning home. The basis of the mystery guest stay is a jointly coordinated, individual assessment catalogue containing possible test scenarios. The stay encompasses a minimum of one full day on site with a minimum of one night of accommodation. The result is documented in an initial analysis based on a profile of strengths and weaknesses. Optimisation potential is emphasised. A final conversation provides the opportunity for an exchange regarding my experience and the potential for a plus in Customer Delight.


Would you like to find out more about how mystery guesting leads to Customer Delight? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

“Mystery guesting can be seen as ‘navel-gazing’ to reveal what guests actually take away from the experience.”


Brita Stiegler