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consistently implementing service design & inspiring guests time and again.

Consistent high-level service generates trust. To enable your staff to do their best, it is vital to break down your guests’ service experience and to unfold it – planning the operational steps towards Customer Delight in a sophisticated way. This does not only lead to more customer inspiration, but also to sustainable growth in the long term.


Detailed service design with its holistic approach along the customer journey ensures a view of the big picture – front stage and backstage. For all areas contributing to Customer Delight. The end of the service design process sees a Customer Delight Journey tailored to the needs of your guests and in harmony with the organisational and economic situation of the business.


The focal and starting point is a clear understanding of guests’ needs. It turns an anonymous guest into a tangible personality. And we accompany this guest along the various contact points of the customer journey. Analysing the existing customer journey will reveal strengths and weaknesses experienced by guests in contact with services performed by the company.


As a next step, the contact points in the optimised Customer Delight Journey are reviewed, planned and tested for feasibility in cooperation with internal experts. This helps to define the service experience intended for the guest. In order for this to succeed, internal processes are adjusted accordingly.


The result is a Customer Delight Journey Map with recommendations for a plus in Customer Delight.